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Presented by Associate Professor Stephen Gough ASM The paramedic profession has seen monumental change...

  • 44 minutes
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Presented by Matthew Meister Discussion of pre hospital trauma care in major trauma settings with...

  • 45 minutes
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Presented by Dr Natalie Fonda This presentation explores how communication breakdown in the prima...

  • 30 minutes
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Presented by Michelle Price Falls are consistently the largest category for calling an Ambulance...

  • 26 minutes
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Quetiapine: A need to know phenomenon in massive overdose
  • Released: 31-05-2020
  • Alex Hartley MSpecParamed(c), BParamedcPrac, BHM(Edu.)

This case review session explores the little-known concept of paradoxical hypotension in large quetiapine overdose when treated with adrenaline via infusion. This session aims to guide clinical practice by discussing the implications for the pre-hospital management of this increasingly common presentation.

  • 50 minutes
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Unique Patient Journeys
  • Released: 11-10-2019
  • Tracey Tobias

In Unique Patient Journeys, Tracey will provide an insight into complex care and offer opportunity for self reflection on a number of cases presented to the viewer.

  • 27 minutes
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  • Released: 02-10-2019
  • Emma Bywater

Emma Bywater presents on Compassion: “People won’t remember what you said or did, but how you made them feel.”

  • 34 minutes
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Identification of the sick child
  • Released: 02-10-2019
  • Kate Whiting

Kate Whiting presents ten tips for the assessment and identification of the sick child.

  • 25 minutes
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It's.... a baby!
  • Released: 02-10-2019
  • Dr Simone Huntingford

Dr Simone Huntingford presents It's.. a baby! with a focus on neonatal resuscitation.

  • 29 minutes
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Getting a sense of control in the face of uncertainty
  • Released: 21-05-2020
  • Adele Saunders & Mitch Mullooly

Registered Psychologist Adele Saunders talks with Mitch Mullooly about how we can gain a sense of control in the continuing face of uncertainty with the ongoing global pandemic.

  • 60 minutes
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