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Presented by Lisa McLeod at STUCON19 NSW.

  • 29 minutes
Infection Control - COVID-19
  • Released: 02-04-2020
  • Ambulance Victoria

Ambulance Victoria has produced a series of instructional infection control videos for its staff. Video topics include hand hygiene, personal protective equipment (PPE), fitting a mask and vehicle cleaning and decontamination.

  • 20 minutes
Crusted Scabies
  • Released: 14-05-2020
  • Sharon Troncoso

ACP in conjunction with Outback Responders present a webinar on ‘Crusted Scabies – with Sharon Troncoso from One Disease’ .

  • 47 minutes
Getting a sense of control in the face of uncertainty
  • Released: 21-05-2020
  • Adele Saunders & Mitch Mullooly

Registered Psychologist Adele Saunders talks with Mitch Mullooly about how we can gain a sense of control in the continuing face of uncertainty with the ongoing global pandemic.

  • 60 minutes
Infectious diseases
  • Released: 19-09-2017
  • Liz Harris FCPara

Emergency Services Show 2017. Looking at similar symptoms coming from a variety of different pathogens.

  • 32 minutes
Infection Control - washing my hands since it became trendy
  • Released: 19-08-2020
  • Kate Hipsley & Tanya Somani

This presentation will discuss why does Infection Control matter? (perhaps this is a moot point in today’s situation?) How does this impact on the paramedic profession and what are the challenges to implementing this across that industry?

  • 60 minutes
Wuhan repatriation mission
  • Released: 17-11-2020
  • Whitney Hughes

This webinar session discussed an airlines tale of repatriation from the epicentre of COVID-19.

  • 55 minutes
Working in a Pandemic
  • Released: 28-09-2020
  • Ben O’Regan

The webinar will cover the roles and responsibilities of London Ambulance Service (LAS) staff during COVID, how COVID evolved and how this impacted patient care and lessons learnt from the pandemic.

  • 60 minutes

APCIC20 - In this presentation, Shayna will discuss her undergraduate study on the prevalence of Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus in non-emergency ambulances.

  • 20 minutes