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Paramedicine and acute stroke
  • Released: 13-08-2022
  • Dr Wayne Loudon

This webinar will introduce you to stroke subgroups, clinical localisation and bypass decision making

  • 55 minutes
Medical terminology
  • Released: 13-08-2022
  • Shonel Hall

Medical terminology is the ‘standardised language of medicine’ which allows all medical professionals to understand each other and communicate effectively. A base level understanding is paramount for patient safety as it is a universal language that is succinct and helps avoid confusion.

  • 31 minutes
Pacemakers: What Paramedics Need to Know
  • Released: 29-07-2022
  • Natasha Saad, Kenny Ng, Mitchell Cowan & Jeremy Kuiper

This webinar will cover everything you need to know about pacemakers, including exploring the types of pacemakers used and a look at indications for each.

  • 73 minutes
Obstetric Retrieval - Challenges and Emergencies
  • Released: 22-07-2022
  • Andrew Plews, Philip Keane & Victoria Higgins

This webinar will discuss the physiological changes of pregnancy of relevance to emergency care practitioners, and discussing hypothetical obstetric emergency scenarios.

  • 70 minutes

Join Brennen to discuss digital simulation in health sciences

  • 27 minutes

The Joint Trauma System has published a number of Clinical Practice Guidelines specifically for use in austere settings. These peer-reviewed guidelines can be used as a basis for developing a comprehensive strategy for patient care for austere medical practice.

  • 25 minutes

The aim of the webinar is to discuss what an integrated primary health care model looks like, what models of care already exist globally and how they are impacting on the delivery of health service.

  • 56 minutes
Managing mental health emergencies
  • Released: 10-06-2022
  • Angela Iliopoulos, Alex Merrett, Shaun Baxter & Ryan Parry

In this discussion this expert panel will answer any and all questions related to managing mental health emergencies

  • 95 minutes
Move your leg I need to wee - Part 2
  • Released: 20-05-2022
  • Libby Hanrahan and Luke Frost

Part 2 - Libby & Luke discuss a job 17th May 2020, an hour before last light they were tasked by Helicopter to a climber fallen at Carnes Wall in Medlow Bath

  • 64 minutes
Talking Research: Developing our national research agenda
  • Released: 13-05-2022
  • Robin Pap, Paul Simpson, Peter O’Meara &

What is a Research Agenda? Why do Australasian paramedics need a research agenda? How will paramedicine benefit from knowing its research priorities? These questions (and more) will be answered in this presentation

  • 90 minutes