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Bourke Street Incident
  • Released: 12-04-2019
  • Greg Gibson

This presentation outlines the response by Ambulance Victoria to Bourke Street and the logistical challenges faced with an MCI spread over several city blocks.

  • 37 minutes
Penetrating and blast trauma
  • Released: 12-04-2019
  • Dave Healy and Ben Davoren

Dave and Ben’s presentation outlines the lessons learnt by soldiers on the battlefields of recent international conflicts...

  • 60 minutes

Pre-hospital medical care in a resource limited environment (austere) can be challenging. Although finite factors are involved, the limitations...

  • 31 minutes
Hot Tox
  • Released: 12-04-2019
  • Dr Katherine Isoardi

A case-based discussion on toxic hyperthermia, including culprits, mechanisms and management. Hyperthermia is a common complication of poisonings...

  • 19 minutes
Understanding Trauma
  • Released: 12-04-2019
  • Todd Wehr

There has been a lot of focus on the negative effects of trauma on First Responders over the past couple of years. Whilst this focus has provided greater opportunities...

  • 35 minutes
Interventional Radiology
  • Released: 20-04-2020
  • Dr Ben Pearch

Summary Logistics of IR / TRAUMA Ct PANSCAN. Trauma: Indications and Cases of embolization of organs (spleen, liver, kidney) and bones.

  • 33 minutes
End of Life Discussions
  • Released: 16-04-2020
  • Christian Harch

Paramedics often spend more time with dying patients, and the relatives of those patients, than most other health care professionals.

  • 27 minutes
Surviving an extreme fall - prehospital and emergency resuscitation
  • Released: 08-04-2020
  • Julie Hughes and Dr Glenn Ryan

Presented by Julie Hughes and Dr Glenn Ryan at Trauma on the Border 2019.

  • 30 minutes

Dan discusses the concepts of pre-hospital haemostatic trauma resuscitation and potential targets for therapy.

  • 31 minutes