Mastering the Art of Successful Grant Writing


The first Talking Research webinar of 2024, delved into the art of securing grant funding to support your paramedicine research endeavours. Presented by speakers from Australia, Aotearoa New Zealand, and Sweden, this session will provide valuable insights into navigating the grant writing journey. Gain expert advice on selecting the right grants, overcoming setbacks, exploring various grant options, and essential tips tailored for paramedicine researchers venturing into the world of grant writing. Following the presentations, presenters joined a panel discussion and took questions from the audience.

Presented by:

  • Associate Professor Anders Bremer (Linnaeus University, Sweden)

  • Dr Wayne Loudon (Queensland University of Technology, Australia)

  • Associate Professor Bridget Dicker (Auckland University of Technology, Aotearoa New Zealand)

Moderated by: Dr Scott Devenish, Associate Professor and Discipline Lead, Paramedicine, Australian Catholic University


Dr Wayne Loudon - Dr. Wayne Loudon is the discipline lead for the QUT paramedicine program in the School of Clinical Sciences and has over 15 years of prehospital clinical practice, including 12 years as a critical care paramedic. With a focus on bridging clinical practice and research, Dr. Loudon's primary interests lie in acute stroke, traumatic brain injury, and mobile diagnostic technologies. In the realm of acute stroke, Dr. Loudon aims to contribute valuable insights to prehospital care. Similarly, research in traumatic brain injury seeks to optimise prehospital management strategies for improved patient outcomes. Driven by innovation, Dr. Loudon has a keen interest in developing mobile diagnostic technologies and clinical systems, aiming to support the evolution of out of hospital care.

Associate Professor Bridget Dicker - Associate Professor Bridget Dicker is the Head of Clinical Audit and Research for Hato Hone St John, is a registered Paramedic; and concurrently serves as an Associate Professor at Auckland University of Technology. Bridget has made a significant contribution to the field of out-of-hospital emergency care with a focus on resuscitation. She developed and manages the New Zealand out-of-hospital cardiac arrest registry, which was established for research into epidemiological, or clinical factors that may contribute to improved outcomes.

Associate Professor Anders Bremer - Anders Bremer is associate professor in caring sciences at the Department of Health and Caring Sciences, Linnaeus University, Sweden. His research is about ethical problems and ethics of care that have high relevance in acute care and prehospital emergency care. An area with high relevance relates to family members’ situation during cardiac arrest and sudden death. A/Prof Bremer's research concerns equality and fairness within healthcare and how unfair treatment can be prevented in case of acute illness, injury and suffering. Within this research area, A/Prof Bremer participates in research on health and quality of life among cardiac arrest survivors, with a focus on ethical values about decisions concerning cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and life support measures. Most of this research is conducted within the research group iCARE (innovative Cardiac Arrest REsearch group) where A/Prof Bremer is assistant research leader.

Presented by Associate Professor Anders Bremer, Dr Wayne Loudon & Associate Professor Bridget Dicker



88 minutes
21st Mar 2024
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