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The College advocates for the broader integration of paramedicine within our health systems and the adoption of innovative models of paramedic practice to deliver holistic, person-centred care and improved health outcomes for communities throughout Australasia.

Our focus

Community Paramedics: Delivering person-centred care

Regional, rural and remote areas are struggling to have their healthcare needs met. To help address these gaps, Community Paramedics can provide person-centred care in a diverse range of settings, working in multidisciplinary teams, primary healthcare, health promotion, disease management, clinical assessment, and needs-based interventions. We are lobbying governments and other healthcare professions to implement this model of care to support the needs of communities across Australasia.

Chief Paramedic Officers: Providing strategic leadership

Across Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand, governments have established roles within their respective Health Departments for Chief Clinical Officers. We are advocating with governments to appoint Chief Paramedic Officers alongside Chief Clinical Officers to provide strategic leadership, collaboration, professional representation, and better integrated paramedic care for improved health outcomes.

Urgent Care Centres need urgent care professionals

Paramedics have vast knowledge, a wide range of capabilities and are an essential part of the healthcare system. To meet the growing demands on the health system, federal and state governments have promised more Urgent Care Centres, and we are advocating for paramedics to play a vital role in the management and care of unplanned and acute patient conditions that make up the bulk of presentations.



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Position papers

Position papers

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Media releases

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Consultation Paper

Consultation Paper image
As the peak representative body for paramedics in the region, the Australasian College of Paramedicine (the College) undertakes consultation on the future direction of the profession. To ensure our members were able to have their say, we recently released several consultation papers covering paramedicine as a standalone profession, the clinical practice framework, professional practice programs, and currently, the paramedic workforce. 
Thank you to those who took the time to respond to our consultation papers. We are currently collating the results and hope to release these soon. 

Please note that there are currently no consultation papers open for feedback.

Latest poll

Latest Poll Image
This chart shows the results from our recent College poll asking the question; where do you feel paramedicine should be recognised in the health system? We had engagement from across the globe including Australia, Aotearoa New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada and Indonesia. This chart shows the response rate, not where people are from. Thanks for participating!

Advocacy in conversation

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We’re excited to launch our new podcast series called Advocacy in Conversation. Hosted by our CEO, John Bruning, each episode invites industry experts, influencers and change-makers to discuss current events, issues and resources impacting the profession.