Moving Paramedicine Forward

Leading the profession

The College sees its role as one of providing leadership for the profession. With the introduction of paramedic registration, the College is now focussed on how we move the profession forward, establishing a leadership agenda led by paramedics and the profession.

Paramedic registration

The College has been a key advocate for paramedic registration over many years, having worked consistently to gain agreement across all states and territories in Australia. This work culminated with the introduction of paramedic registration in December 2018.

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Moving Paramedicine Forward

Mental Health and Wellbeing

The College has been a strong advocate for the mental health and wellbeing of paramedics, leading the need to ensure paramedics are resilient and supported in the key role they play in our communities.

Our advocacy saw the introduction of the Survive and Thrive Paramedic Resilience Symposium in 2015 – the first event of its kind focussed solely on paramedic wellbeing – and has since seen local ambulance services and international paramedic colleges follow our lead in prioritising paramedic mental health and wellbeing.