Severe burn preparedness


This webinar contains two presentations related to severe burns:

The first, by MICA flight paramedic Cat Mackay, will discuss two burns case studies to highlight the importance of preparedness in paramedicine and pre-hospital practice, when you never know what it is you're actually preparing for.

The second, by MICA flight paramedic educator Nick Roder, speaks to the widening scope of practice for the ICP to capture patient cohorts that lie at the fringes of well-defined research that supports pre-hospital RSI. He will discuss a patient with airways-burns to understand if we are applying best practice in this low frequency, high acuity trauma.


Cat Mackay

Cat Mackay is a MICA flight paramedic with a passion for sharing knowledge and experience. She enjoys spending time mentoring paramedics wanting to study critical care, working with MICA interns, and seeking ways to improve practices, processes and systems for practitioners and patients alike. Cat became a MICA flight paramedic in 2023 after starting as an Ambulance Victoria Graduate Paramedic in 2012, and a MICA paramedic in 2016.

Nick Roder

Nick Roder commenced Paramedicine in 1991, became an ICP in 1996, joined Air Ambulance in 2001, and achieved a Masters in Education in 2003. Since the early nineties, Nick has been involved in post-graduate education, curriculum development and patient care improvement, including guideline and reference construction. He now works primarily as a MICA flight paramedic educator.

Presented by Cat Mackay and Nick Roder



120 minutes
4th Apr 2024
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