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CCS 2023: Podcast recording (This Emergency Life – A Podcast)
  • Released: 06-07-2023
  • Dr Cliff Connell, Hannah Latta, Marty Nichols & Dr Ben Meadley

Dr Cliff Connell in association with CENA presents a popular podcast, focussed on sharing knowledge and experience. In this session, Cliff recorded his podcast live on stage, with some very special guests.

  • 73 minutes

Dr Sanj Fernando's keynote presentation focused on his collaboration with the Suwasiriya (the Sri Lankan ambulance service), to build a pre-hospital service from the ground up. Sanj discussed the success of this global project that now services a country with a population of 21 million, and compared this to other initiatives.

  • 45 minutes
CCS 2023: Paediatric Masterclass: The A’s, B’s and C’s
  • Released: 30-06-2023
  • Tash Adams, Victoria Matheson, Matt Humar & Libby Hanrahan

This session will include live presentations of paediatric airway management, combined with the latest research and tools to reduce the stress on critical care clinicians when caring for an unwell child.

  • 110 minutes
CCS 2023: The Art of Low Fidelity Simulation
  • Released: 03-07-2023
  • Dr Sam Bendall, Hannah Latta, Sam Burton & Dr Emma West

In this session, led by Dr Sam Bendall, the team will present some of the latest evidence and techniques to better improve your simulation experience, and to help you to better deliver simulation and practical based education

  • 118 minutes
CCS 2023: Keynote Discussion - Ethical Critical Care
  • Released: 10-07-2023
  • Assoc Prof David Anderson, Assoc Prof/Dr Gayle Christie, Dr Jason Bendall & Dr Sanj Fernando

In this session, panel members will discuss some ethical questions which are often seen in the critical care community.

  • 60 minutes
CCS 2023: On the cutting edge: From the far east to the far west
  • Released: 18-07-2023
  • Assoc Prof/Dr Gayle Christie, Hannah Latta & Tony Reynolds

In this session, we will hear from the champions of critical care medicine, outside of the east coast of Australia.

  • 135 minutes
CCS 2023: Rapid Fire
  • Released: 14-07-2023

This session will see the summit presenters return to the stage, and each given just 30 seconds to answer questions from the audience.

  • 30 minutes