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Presented by Dr Sean Keogh Geography dictates that large-scale natural disasters commonly occur in...

  • 40 minutes
The Christchurch Earthquake
  • Released: 09-08-2014

Presented by Dr Tony Smith at ANZCP Conference 2014

  • 45 minutes

Chief Inspector Brian Parsell ASM, Fellow ANZCP Chief Inspector Brian Parsell is an operational...

  • 110 minutes
Disaster Management
  • Released: 11-06-2019

Presented by Monica Farrow, Director of Operations...

  • 39 minutes
Bourke Street Incident
  • Released: 12-04-2019
  • Greg Gibson

This presentation outlines the response by Ambulance Victoria to Bourke Street and the logistical challenges faced with an MCI spread over several city blocks.

  • 37 minutes

Nick Roder of Air Ambulance Victoria takes us through the role of PEEP and End-tidal monitoring in the pre-hospital setting

  • 80 minutes
Managing a Mass Casualty Incident
  • Released: 20-04-2020
  • Dr Glenn Ryan

The presentation will provide an overview of the incident, some of the complexities associated with managing this incident and Dr Ryan’s perspective on some of the key learning that has arisen for him.

  • 42 minutes
Mass Casualty Incidents - "from theory to reality"
  • Released: 07-04-2021
  • Cam Anderson and Craig Downing

The pre-hospital management of mass-casualty incidents is a challenging space for many paramedics, due to the rare nature of these events and the significantly different practices implemented whilst under significant pressure. Join Cam & Craig to explore concepts of mass-casualty management and discuss the real-world experience of mass-casualty incidents.

  • 65 minutes
TotB21 - Rescue Through the Wreckage
  • Released: 12-05-2021
  • Elliot Burton & Prudence Snedden

Background of Road Crash Rescue and why practice makes perfect, Scene Safety and how teamwork makes a difference & much more.

  • 30 minutes
Chest Injuries - Wilderness Workshop
  • Released: 30-08-2018
  • Shaun Whitmore

RescueMED presents Chest Injuries (Wilderness) as part of the Wilderness Medicine Workshop in Victortia

  • 30 minutes