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Drawing on his experience with the ambulance service in Vanuatu, Casey will utilise a major incident case study to explore opportunities and challenges present at the intersection of paramedicine and aid and development.

  • 30 minutes

This presentation will review anatomy, classification of injury patterns and offer approaches for novice to advanced out-of-hospital clinicians

  • 19 minutes

This talk will cover some of the most recent evidence surrounding our past current and future trauma care in an interactive setting.

  • 18 minutes

Paula will share her career experiences as a female paramedic, her progression to become an intensive care paramedic, as the third female to successful pass the SCAT (Special Casualty Access Team) course in NSW and work on the rescue helicopter as a critical care paramedic.

  • 35 minutes

McQuilty Quirke has inspired many people with his courage, determination and positive mindset after battling post-traumatic stress from Iraq and the physical injuries he sustained after being wounded in action in Afghanistan. He was a leader, a company medic, a soldier, and his life was in the hands of his mates.

  • 65 minutes
Challenges in sedation management
  • Released: 05-04-2022
  • Jason Bendall

This session will revolve around the use of various chemical sedative agents and compare their use against a variety of clinical settings

  • 80 minutes
Family violence – recognise, respond, refer
  • Released: 01-04-2022
  • Celine Donovan

This informative session will support paramedics to develop a family violence lens to recognise family violence, and to respond safely and effectively to improve outcomes for those at risk.

  • 60 minutes
Mentoring and providing feedback to novice paramedic clinicians
  • Released: 28-03-2022
  • Dr Scott Devenish, Jeremy Taylor & Lisa Hobbs

This session explores concepts surrounding mentoring and the provision of feedback to novice clinicians in the paramedic environment

  • 87 minutes
Prolonged field care in remote environments
  • Released: 23-03-2022
  • Nicole Foster

How to deal with the tyranny of distance – Prolonged Casualty Care in Australia

  • 75 minutes

This interactive workshop for paramedics across Australia will use a case study format to explore some of the legal issues that can arise in practice for paramedics, and the role law plays in end of life care.

  • 68 minutes