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COVID-19 in the pre-hospital space
  • Released: 25-10-2021
  • Chris Wardell and James Oswald

Let’s unpack some of the latest research to help guide our clinical practice to better understand the presentation/phenotypes, who is at risk of poor outcomes, and who surprisingly does well!

  • 120 minutes
STUCON 2021: Toxicology during COVID
  • Released: 30-08-2021
  • Alan Eade

The session will discuss substance use in the setting of a pandemic and the changed risk profile, the issue of stigma, and drug induced hyperthermia (serotonin syndrome)

  • 35 minutes

ACPIC20 - Research Presentation: Decline in rates of pre-hospital return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) in Singapore in age of COVID-19.

  • 10 minutes

A panelist of academics from several Australian and New Zealand universities discuss the impact of Covid19 on paramedic students.

  • 76 minutes

Innovative approaches to patient care became a necessity with the COVID-19 pandemic in British Columbia, Canada.

  • 60 minutes

The COVID-19 pandemic and the paramedic response to it, has raised a raft of legal, ethical and professionalism questions for paramedic clinicians and managers.

  • 60 minutes
Infection Control - COVID-19
  • Released: 02-04-2020
  • Ambulance Victoria

Ambulance Victoria has produced a series of instructional infection control videos for its staff. Video topics include hand hygiene, personal protective equipment (PPE), fitting a mask and vehicle cleaning and decontamination.

  • 20 minutes

ACPIC20 - This panel discussion explores some of the positive changes in paramedicine due to COVID19 and lessons learnt from front line responders from around the globe.

  • 110 minutes
COVID-19 lessons from the frontline (WA focused)
  • Released: 01-03-2022
  • James Oswald, Chris Wardell & Mike Wilcox

COVID-19 is an emerging pandemic in Australia that is putting health services including pre-hospital care providers under immense strain.

  • 140 minutes