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National Conference 2019. Looking through the Next 5 Years of Stroke Asses...

  • 29 minutes
PAIC 2019: Mobile Stroke Unit
  • Released: 29-11-2019
  • Skye Coote

A self-triage model for a mobile stroke unit

  • 17 minutes
Stroke Emergencies
  • Released: 19-11-2018
  • Associate Professor Tim Kleinig

Associate Professor Tim Kleinig will discuss the basic principles and evidence of the dynamic nature of ischaemic stroke and the nature of ICH. Tim will identify the different tool and understand more about systems design, mobile stroke units. He will explore tricky cases from his past experience.

  • 65 minutes
PAIC 2018: Melbourne mobile stroke unit
  • Released: 21-09-2018
  • Skye Coote

PAIC 2018: Skye will be discussing her experience working in the Melbourne mobile stroke unit.

  • 22 minutes
Mobile Stroke Unit
  • Released: 02-08-2018
  • Dr Henry Zhao

This presentation will discuss Act-Fast Paramedic Triage Algorithm for Stroke Thrombectomy.

  • 52 minutes
ACPIC 2020: Cases around the world - Stroke
  • Released: 09-02-2021
  • Skye Coote, Wayne Loudon & Dr. Bronwyn Tunnage

ACPIC20 - The panel will be given a fictional case study prior to the conference and the two services will provide an outline of how they would manage the case based on protocols in the location they are working.

  • 50 minutes
Paramedicine and acute stroke
  • Released: 13-08-2022
  • Dr Wayne Loudon

This webinar will introduce you to stroke subgroups, clinical localisation and bypass decision making

  • 55 minutes