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Paramedic health and wellbeing: What we need to do right
  • Released: 16-12-2021
  • Dr Gloria Leung, Dr Alex Wolkow, Ben Meadley & Olivia Knowles

In this webinar, we discuss all things paramedic health and well-being from a multidisciplinary approach.

  • 90 minutes
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Motorcycle trauma case studies
  • Released: 15-12-2021
  • Michaela Malcolm and Rupert Freeman

This presentation will detail two extremely challenging cases that required both paramedics to think outside the box.

  • 77 minutes
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Stress and adaptation
  • Released: 14-12-2021
  • Julie Johnson

In this session, we look at how we can adapt our stress response

  • 40 minutes
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Foundations of pharmacology
  • Released: 13-12-2021
  • Julie Johnson

An overview of pharmacology concepts that describe how drugs move through the body and what the body does to drugs

  • 30 minutes
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Foundational Cardiology and ECG Interpretation
  • Released: 08-12-2021
  • Jeremy Kuiper

This session will take a foundational review of cardiology and ECGs

  • 54 minutes
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Clinical updates on COVID
  • Released: 08-12-2021
  • Dr Andrew Cooke, Dr Simon Craig, Dr Nick Edwards, Dr Lauren Fielke, Associate Professor David Shaw & Richard Goldsmith

This update focused on the clinical aspects of COVID – how you assess and manage patients with this disease

  • 130 minutes
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Talking Research: Why are randomised controlled trials important to our practice?
  • Released: 01-12-2021
  • Helen Pocock, Professor Tom Quinn & Michelle Thomson

Randomised control trials (RCTs) are highly regarded in the scientific community, but how do they contribute to the body of evidence that informs how we manage our patients?

  • 85 minutes
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Chest trauma in the pre-hospital setting
  • Released: 08-11-2021
  • Shaun Whitmore

This discussion will focus on systematic assessment, treatment principles and risk stratification for the pre-hospital health provider.

  • 85 minutes
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COVID-19 in the pre-hospital space
  • Released: 25-10-2021
  • Chris Wardell and James Oswald

Let’s unpack some of the latest research to help guide our clinical practice to better understand the presentation/phenotypes, who is at risk of poor outcomes, and who surprisingly does well!

  • 120 minutes
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Field experts presenting on performing under pressure, and on triage and management

  • 95 minutes
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