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The North West Ambulance Service and Scottish Ambulance Service's cross-border partnership to develop stroke services for patients.

  • 16 minutes
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Street Ready Graduates?
  • Released: 19-05-2017
  • David Page

Discussion on whether we are graduating and employing competent paramedics.

  • 35 minutes
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PHOEBE Research Programme
  • Released: 19-05-2017

Pre-Hospital Outcomes for Evidence based Evaluation (PHOEBE) research programme.

  • 18 minutes
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Coping with trauma: examining experiences of attending traumatic incidents and post-incident support.

  • 24 minutes
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Looking at patients with dementia and other multi-morbidities and the ambulance response to these patients.

  • 12 minutes
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How the South West Ambulance Service Clinical Quality Improvement Team deploy clinical leaders to help support clinicians who are dealing with an out of hospital cardiac arrest and how this improves quality.

  • 19 minutes
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National Conference 2017. Discussion on the use of restraint and the management of acute behavioural disturbance.

  • 37 minutes
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