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Disaster Management
  • Released: 11-06-2019

Presented by Monica Farrow, Director of Operations...

  • 39 minutes
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On the 21st November 2016, Melbourne, Australia experienced the world’s largest reported thunderstorm asthma event with over 300 paramedic-assessment cases of asthma or shortness of breath.

  • 28 minutes
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In Australia, family violence is a leading contributing factor to death and illness, it is the leading cause of homelessness,...

  • 28 minutes
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"How to hack your clinical decision making"
  • Released: 13-09-2019
  • Toby Keene

You make hundreds of decisions every day. But are they the right ones? Take a dive into the latest research on judgement and decision making...

  • 24 minutes
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It's.... a baby!
  • Released: 02-10-2019
  • Dr Simone Huntingford

Dr Simone Huntingford presents It's.. a baby! with a focus on neonatal resuscitation.

  • 29 minutes
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  • Released: 02-10-2019
  • Emma Bywater

Emma Bywater presents on Compassion: “People won’t remember what you said or did, but how you made them feel.”

  • 34 minutes
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Unique Patient Journeys
  • Released: 11-10-2019
  • Tracey Tobias

In Unique Patient Journeys, Tracey will provide an insight into complex care and offer opportunity for self reflection on a number of cases presented to the viewer.

  • 27 minutes
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End of Life Discussions
  • Released: 16-04-2020
  • Christian Harch

Paramedics often spend more time with dying patients, and the relatives of those patients, than most other health care professionals.

  • 27 minutes
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National Registration
  • Released: 20-04-2018
  • John Brunning

Discussion about the National Registration and what we need for registration.

  • 15 minutes
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Graduate Outback Session
  • Released: 04-05-2020
  • Amy McCaffrey

An in depth discussion on paramedic assessment strategies, past experience and assessment preparation.

  • 90 minutes
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