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Presented by Dr Blake Eddington Blake is an Emergency Medicine Specialist working at The Tweed an...

  • 25 minutes
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Significant traumatic brain injury
  • Released: 19-05-2018
  • Jack Barrett MCPara

National Conference 2018. A SECAmb Perspective

  • 30 minutes
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Looking at patients with dementia and other multi-morbidities and the ambulance response to these patients.

  • 12 minutes
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PAIC 2018: Patients with dementia
  • Released: 22-09-2018
  • Renee Roggenkamp

This presentations aims to provide a better understanding of the clinical presentation of dementia patients, to assist win providing the most appropriate care and referral pathways. For ambulance attended and secondary triage cases.

  • 15 minutes
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Mobile Stroke Unit
  • Released: 02-08-2018
  • Dr Henry Zhao

This presentation will discuss Act-Fast Paramedic Triage Algorithm for Stroke Thrombectomy.

  • 52 minutes
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ACPIC 2020: This case study session will be an overview of a status seizure case on a remote island in Vanuatu only accessible via helicopter. The session will focus on status seizure treatment and the austere environment

  • 20 minutes
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PAIC 2018: Neuroradiology
  • Released: 21-09-2018
  • Hal Rice

PAIC 2018: Interventional Neuroradiology discussing hospital & radiology clinics.

  • 24 minutes
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Management of Paediatric Head Injury
  • Released: 28-03-2019
  • Dr John Craven

Dr John Craven is a Paediatrician / Emergency Physician will be presenting an engaging and insightful presentation on the pre-hospital management of head injured paediatric patients.

  • 57 minutes
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Acute behavioural disturbance
  • Released: 19-05-2019
  • Dr Alison Walker

National Conference 2019. Perilous for Patients and Paramedics

  • 32 minutes
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A very paediatric unconsciousness - paediatric neurological emergencies
  • Released: 29-09-2020
  • Dr Robyn Brady & Dr Katie Reeves

Part Two of this two part paediatric webinar series, Katie Reeves and Robyn Brady considers the possible causes of an altered level of consciousness in children, how to easily assess them, and what things you can do to help in the pre-hospital setting

  • 60 minutes
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