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Mental Health Series (Session 3): Mental Health and Wellbeing Throughout Your Paramedic Career
  • Released: 22-04-2021
  • Nicole Sadler, Buck Reed, Alisha McFarlane & Mitch Mullooly

This 90 minute webinar will be targeted at mental health and wellbeing issues for paramedics throughout their paramedicine career, including managing cumulative trauma exposure and transitioning out of the role.

  • 90 minutes
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In Part 2 we are building on the knowledge gained from part 1 of our ECG CPD/Workshop. In this next instalment we will delve a little deeper to build on those skills and introduce the more challenging conditions that should be much easier to understand and interpret, with a great interactive quiz to finish.

  • 105 minutes
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Mental Health Series (Session 2): Mental Health and Wellbeing in Student and Early Career Paramedics
  • Released: 19-04-2021
  • Nicole Sadler, Anita Savic, Buck Reed & Sascha Baldry

This 90 minute webinar will be targeted at issues for students and early career paramedics, including preparing for the organisational and occupational stressors associated with being a paramedic, and how to develop and maintain self-care strategies.

  • 90 minutes
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Paediatrics Webinar Series (Session Three): The ABCs of Paediatric & Neonatal Resuscitation
  • Released: 15-04-2021
  • Dr David Fahey, Dr Cassandra Brown & Alex Cardenas

Key areas of focus within resuscitation will include neonatal resus as well as decisions and skills for intubation/LMA insertion as well as IV and IO access.

  • 90 minutes
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Mass Casualty Incidents - "from theory to reality"
  • Released: 07-04-2021
  • Cam Anderson and Craig Downing

The pre-hospital management of mass-casualty incidents is a challenging space for many paramedics, due to the rare nature of these events and the significantly different practices implemented whilst under significant pressure. Join Cam & Craig to explore concepts of mass-casualty management and discuss the real-world experience of mass-casualty incidents.

  • 65 minutes
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In this month’s episode we talk about the reality of what happens when you’re dealing with a deceased patient and their family for the first time with our podcast guest Jacquie Willis.

  • 45 minutes
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In Part 1 of our ECG CPD/Workshop we will roll back to the basic components of a rhythm strips and 12 lead ECG’s, applying context and setting default recognition habits in order to confidently comment on AV Blocks, Bundle branches, and Axis deviation.

  • 135 minutes
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Paediatrics - Clinical Tips and Literature Update
  • Released: 29-03-2021
  • Dr Charmaine Gray, Dr Sasha Rossaye, Dr Jacquie Schutz, Dr Abdul Musa, Dr Lalith Gamage & Dr Fran Lockie

Six presentations from South Australian Paediatric Specialists, followed by a panel discussion

  • 112 minutes
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Talking Research - Literature Reviews
  • Released: 26-03-2021
  • Dr Liz Thyer, Matthew Reardon, Dr Nigel Barr & Dr Louise Reynolds

Systematic reviews, scoping reviews, narrative reviews; what’s the difference and why do we see so many of these published? Why are literature reviews such a vital part of research? How do we conduct them and what do they add to they add?

  • 80 minutes
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Mental Health Series (Session 1): Mental Health and Wellbeing in Paramedics
  • Released: 15-03-2021
  • Nicole Sadler, Anita Savic, Buck Reed & Simone Haigh

This session will provide an overview of the mental health and wellbeing impacts for paramedics, including risk and protective factors, and strategies for building and maintaining wellbeing in individuals and teams

  • 85 minutes
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