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Presented by Belinda Flanagan The third stage of labour is defined as the moment the baby is born...

  • 34 minutes

Presented by Tim Andrews Review of the immediate clinical assessment and...

  • 27 minutes

Presented by Christopher Wildey A 25-year-old woman who is 30 weeks pregnant presents to...

  • 32 minutes

Presented by Dr Ruth Townsend Paramedics have variously been referred to as 'Heroes'...

  • 32 minutes

Presented by Associate Professor Stephen Gough ASM The paramedic profession has seen monumental change...

  • 44 minutes

Presented by Michelle Price Falls are consistently the largest category for calling an Ambulance...

  • 26 minutes

Presented by Dr Rosie Dwyer Australia’s population, like that of other high-income countries, is ageing...

  • 33 minutes
Management of Paediatric Head Injury
  • Released: 28-03-2019
  • Dr John Craven

Dr John Craven is a Paediatrician / Emergency Physician will be presenting an engaging and insightful presentation on the pre-hospital management of head injured paediatric patients.

  • 57 minutes
Hands on for Auslan
  • Released: 19-03-2019
  • Paul Bermingham

A presentation and hands-on workshop regarding the world of sign language and how best to use it in the hospital setting. Learn how to hold a basic conversation, recognise sign skills and skills to record what you observe so you can research it later.

  • 76 minutes
Trauma Management
  • Released: 15-03-2019
  • Sergio Gomes

From Brisbane to the Bush - a CPD focusing on Trauma Management. Presentations on Paramedicine in Hostile Environments, followed by scenarios focused on Traumatic Cardiac Arrest and an Airway Management Workshop.

  • 60 minutes