Getting a sense of control in the face of uncertainty


Registered Psychologist Adele Saunders talks with Mitch Mullooly about how we can gain a sense of control in the continuing face of uncertainty with the ongoing global pandemic.

Emerging literature indicates that when things start to slow down and 'the clapping stops' that psychological difficulties in healthcare workers, including ambulance personnel, may start to rise.

Adele and Mitch talk about some of the feelings you may be experiencing and offer some tangible tips and strategies to assist you in navigating this uncertain time.

About Adele - Adele Saunders is a Registered Psychologist, with over 16 years’ experience working with individuals presenting with complex issues relating to their experiences of trauma. Over her career she has provided therapeutic intervention for individuals and families as well as developing staff and organisations through coaching and supervision. Adele currently works as St John’s Psychologist with a focus on developing a robust mental health and wellbeing structure and strategy in this high-risk organisation. This has meant that in the last 12 months Adele has been closely involved in supporting the St John Ambulance staff following major incidents such as the Christchurch Mosque attacks, the Whakaari eruption and more recently the COVID-19 Pandemic.

About Mitch - Mitch Mullooly is the Chair of the New Zealand ACP Member Committee, has been a Paramedic for more than two decades and is also a certified Health and Wellbeing Coach. Mitch has a long-held passion for healthy living and wellbeing within the Ambulance Sector. As a passionate champion of the 'Fit for Duty' manta, Mitch has added the domain of 'fit for life', as not only do we need to be fit for our working environment, ultimately we must be fit and healthy for our daily lives outside of our work commitments - physically, emotionally, psychologically and energetically.

Presented by Adele Saunders & Mitch Mullooly



60 minutes
21st May 2020
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