COVID-19 lessons from the frontline (WA focused)


COVID-19 is an emerging pandemic in Australia that is putting health services including pre-hospital care providers under immense strain. Western Australia has been fortunate to date. Public health measures, lockdowns and border requirements have meant WA pre-hospital providers haven't seen the full impacts of COVID-19 on the health system.

Following on from the recent webinar Covid in the pre-hospital space, Chris Wardell and James Oswald from Ambulance Victoria are back to provide insight and answer questions from paramedics based in WA, who are preparing for the inevitable Covid cases once the WA borders open.

It is recommended to view the Covid in the pre-hospital space recording prior to attending this webinar. The recording will provide you with an insight into managing Covid positive patients and unpack some of the latest research to help guide our clinical practice to better understand the presentation/phenotypes, who is at risk of poor outcomes, and who surprisingly does well!


James Oswald James is a paramedic and Clinical Practice & Development Specialist with Ambulance Victoria. He is passionate about evidence-based practice and clinical guidelines. James was heavily involved in the development of the newly revised Victorian Covid-19 CPG. He will discuss the formulation of this important work and its implications for paramedic practice in general.

Chris Wardell Chris is a MICA Paramedic with Ambulance Victoria. He has many years of educational experience through being a specialist educator, state-wide assessor, and A/Clinical Support Officer. He is a current member of AV’s CE facilitation team. and has contracts with both Monash and Victoria University.

Mike Wilcox Mike spent 13 years working for St John Ambulance WA as an ambulance paramedic, mentor, clinical educator and capabilities coordinator for emergency management. Mike is currently working for the WA Department of Health on system improvement strategies surrounding ED avoidance, patient transport, and COVID response. Mike is actively engaged within the ambulance sector as a member of ACP, a mentor as part of the Leadership Program, and through the work he is undertaking at the Department of Health.

Presented by James Oswald, Chris Wardell & Mike Wilcox



140 minutes
1st Mar 2022
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