STUCON 2021: Toxicology during COVID


STUCON 2021 is an in-depth student conference that focuses on clinical best practice, education and research.

Aimed at undergraduate paramedic students, the conference offered an insight into current and emerging knowledge from across the globe. Speakers included a mix of students, researchers, educators and industry practitioners for a truly enlightening experience. STUCON 2021 was an online conference, hosted in July 2021.

Toxicology during COVID

The session will discuss substance use in the setting of a pandemic and the changed risk profile, the issue of stigma, and drug induced hyperthermia (serotonin syndrome) and the recently published paper on the subject out of St John in Victoria. doi: 10.1111/1742-6723.13778

Biography: Alan Eade

Whilst he is the senior paramedic professional voice for government, he is also part of the chief clinical officers leading quality and safety activities across the health system. Alan was an active proponent of registration and has a passion for the profession and its advancement across the spectrum of healthcare. His professional interest is around substance use and the provision of person centred out of hospital care. Alan holds an Adjunct Associate Professor appointment at Monash University, is a Fellow of Australasian College of Paramedicine, and received the Ambulance Service Medal (2009) for his work around substance use and education of clinicians about acute management of substance use harms.

STUCON 2021 MC: Buck Reed

Presented by Alan Eade



35 minutes
30th Aug 2021
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