COVID-19 in the pre-hospital space


COVID-19 has taken a strong hold over our working lives, we are transporting many more positive patients than previous outbreaks. Do we understand everything there is to know about the risks of deterioration in this cohort? How comfortable are you with hypoxia and low SPO2 in this cohort? Let’s unpack some of the latest research to help guide our clinical practice to better understand the presentation/phenotypes, who is at risk of poor outcomes, and who surprisingly does well!


Chris Wardell - Chris is a MICA Paramedic with Ambulance Victoria. He has many years of educational experience through being a specialist educator, state-wide assessor, and A/Clinical Support Officer. He is a current member of AV’s CE facilitation team, has contracts with both Monash and Victoria University, and is completing a Masters in Clinical Simulation.

James Oswald - James is a Clinical Practice & Development Specialist, an incredible resource for Ambulance Victoria. He is passionate about evidence-based practice to support clinical guideline change and application. James was heavily involved in the compilation of the newly released Covid-19 CPG and will discuss the intricacies of how the research guided the formulation of this important work.

Presented by Chris Wardell and James Oswald



120 minutes
25th Oct 2021
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