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Quetiapine: A need to know phenomenon in massive overdose
  • Released: 31-05-2020
  • Alex Hartley MSpecParamed(c), BParamedcPrac, BHM(Edu.)

This case review session explores the little-known concept of paradoxical hypotension in large quetiapine overdose when treated with adrenaline via infusion. This session aims to guide clinical practice by discussing the implications for the pre-hospital management of this increasingly common presentation.

  • 50 minutes
Drug awareness and illicit drug use
  • Released: 13-09-2018
  • Stacey Solomou

This presentation will discuss generational changes in illicit drug usage and addiction. Stacey will discuss the social and economic implications for long term drug usage.

  • 101 minutes
The ABC of DKA, a clinical case discussion
  • Released: 23-11-2020
  • Jarrod Wakeling

This session will describe a clinical case involving a patient with possible DKA (Diabetic Ketoacidosis) and drug OD, highlighting the pathophysiology, management and some of the possible pre hospital considerations in regards to management of this cohort of patient.

  • 60 minutes

ACPCIC20: With the evolving opioid crisis, a metric for community overdoses is needed. Paramedic Narcan Administration is a newly popular metric for community overdoses, but it may not be as reliable as previously believed and is becoming less reliable as time goes on.

  • 20 minutes
Hazmat and Hyperbaric Emergencies
  • Released: 14-07-2021
  • Tim Schmidtke, Ellis Gingell & Dr. Rod Franks

How often have you managed a patient or scene where HAZMAT considerations are required? How about Hyperbaric emergencies?

  • 113 minutes
STUCON 2021: Toxicology during COVID
  • Released: 30-08-2021
  • Alan Eade

The session will discuss substance use in the setting of a pandemic and the changed risk profile, the issue of stigma, and drug induced hyperthermia (serotonin syndrome)

  • 35 minutes