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Talking Research: Research experience - clinical practice guidelines
  • Released: 04-03-2022
  • Dr Sonja Maria & Zachary Munn

This Talking Research webinar will focus on how research informs or should inform clinical practice guidelines.

  • 82 minutes
Talking Research: Developing our regional research agenda
  • Released: 13-05-2022
  • Robin Pap, Paul Simpson, & Peter O’Meara

What is a Research Agenda? Why do Australasian paramedics need a research agenda? How will paramedicine benefit from knowing its research priorities? These questions (and more) will be answered in this presentation

  • 90 minutes

Join Tim Nutbeam and Rob Fenwick to discuss their research in post collision response and to discuss the translation of this work into practice.

  • 102 minutes
Talking Research: The Patient Experience
  • Released: 29-08-2023
  • Belinda Flanagan, Robbie King, Mats Holmberg & Dr Scott Devenish

Experienced researchers explore current research focused on the Patient Experience

  • 75 minutes
UniSc and QAS Research Day 2023
  • Released: 31-01-2024
  • Gary Berkowitz, Emma Bosley, Robbie King, Brendan Shultz, Adam Rolley, Jess Bell, Alannah Morrison, Wayne Loudon, Verena Pritchard, Tan Doan, Kerrianne Watt, Dr Nigel Bar, Matt Hill & Dr Nat Dodd

QAS is partnered with UniSC and the College to empower paramedics to design, develop and disseminate research

  • 265 minutes
Mastering the Art of Successful Grant Writing
  • Released: 21-03-2024
  • Associate Professor Anders Bremer, Dr Wayne Loudon & Associate Professor Bridget Dicker

First Talking Research webinar of 2024, delves into the art of securing grant funding to support your paramedicine research endeavours.

  • 88 minutes