Talking Research: Research experience - clinical practice guidelines


This Talking Research webinar will focus on how research informs or should inform clinical practice guidelines. Our guest speakers, Dr Sonja Maria and Associate Professor Zachary Munn, will discuss their research experience and provide insight into rigorous and trustworthy clinical guideline development.


Dr Sonja Maria

Dr Sonja Maria is a senior lecturer and associate head of paramedicine at Charles Sturt University in NSW, Australia. She has worked within paramedicine since 1996 in various roles such as the National Clinical Manager for Education and Delivery. This role designed and implemented policy and educational change within the ambulance service. In the past 9 years, Sonja has worked primarily in academia and has developed an international profile within paramedic-led research. She is chair of the Australasian Paramedic Clinical Guidelines committee who are pursuing the development of national paramedic guidelines for clinical practice.

Zachary Munn

A/Professor Zachary Munn is an advocate for evidence-based healthcare and for ensuring patients receive the best care possible based on the best available evidence. His main work is as a systematic review, evidence implementation and guideline development methodologist. He is the Director of the Evidence-based Healthcare Research Division of JBI, Director of the JBI Adelaide GRADE Centre, Chair of the Guidelines International Network and an NHMRC Investigator.

Hosted by: Michelle Thomson

Michelle is part of the research group for the College and will be hosting the event. Michelle has worked as a Paramedic across three continents, starting her career in Zimbabwe, then 16 years in the UK working for an NHS ambulance service. During this time Michelle was a Research Paramedic and Clinical Mentor and was involved in various patient safety projects. Three years ago, Michelle moved to South Australia with her family and now works for South Australia Ambulance Service. Michelle has a keen interest in research and human factors.

Presented by Dr Sonja Maria & Zachary Munn



82 minutes
4th Mar 2022
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