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Pre-hospital cardiovascular care
  • Released: 11-03-2019
  • Nick Abussi

This highly interesting CPD event was presented by Nick Abussi about pre-hospital cardiovascular care.

  • 97 minutes
All things Bariatric
  • Released: 05-03-2019
  • Dr Michael Ashbolt & Peter Schwarz

This is an educational session on the Bariatric patient, delivered by one of our Aeromedical retrieval consultants.Dr Michael Ashbolt, in conjunction with one of our Wilderness Intensive Care Paramedics and Bariatric trained officers, Peter Schwarz.

  • 94 minutes
Challenges of Heart Failure Management
  • Released: 28-11-2018
  • Dr Michael Stokes

Heart failure can occur if the heart cannot pump (systolic) or fill (diastolic) adequately. Symptoms include shortness of breath, fatigue, swollen legs and rapid heartbeat. This presentation will discuss management and treatment of a patient suffering from heart failure cardiac arrest.

  • 68 minutes
Stroke Emergencies
  • Released: 19-11-2018
  • Associate Professor Tim Kleinig

Associate Professor Tim Kleinig will discuss the basic principles and evidence of the dynamic nature of ischaemic stroke and the nature of ICH. Tim will identify the different tool and understand more about systems design, mobile stroke units. He will explore tricky cases from his past experience.

  • 65 minutes
Obstetric and Newborn Emergencies
  • Released: 14-10-2018
  • Dr Sarah Cash and Dr Amy Keir

This presentation by Dr Sarah Cash and Dr Amy Keir is an interactive and practical session discussing all about Obstetric care and newborn emergencies.

  • 43 minutes

PAIC 2018 Conference presents an abstract presentation on self-reported stigma towards people with mental illness

  • 22 minutes
PAIC 2018: An evolution of the MANERS
  • Released: 22-09-2018
  • Don Banks

PAIC 2018 discusses an abstract presentation on the interim finding from a multi-perspective study of Peer Support at Wellington Free Ambulance by Don Banks & Dr Elizabeth Ashbury.

  • 22 minutes
PAIC 2018: Academia and the university sector
  • Released: 22-09-2018
  • Belinda Flanagan

PAIC 2018: an interesting presentation from University life to paramedic and becoming a University Academic.

  • 17 minutes
PAIC 2018: The Australian Journal of Paramedicine
  • Released: 22-09-2018
  • Dr Mal Boyle

PAIC 2018 presents an abstract presentation about the Australasian Journal of Paramedicine.

  • 15 minutes
PAIC 2018: Patients with dementia
  • Released: 22-09-2018
  • Renee Roggenkamp

This presentations aims to provide a better understanding of the clinical presentation of dementia patients, to assist win providing the most appropriate care and referral pathways. For ambulance attended and secondary triage cases.

  • 15 minutes