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Do I need insurance? – Paramedics and their risks
  • Released: 11-04-2024
  • Lauren Greenall & Christie Boucher

Knowing what can go wrong before it does is the first step to managing risks for any professional. This knowledge allows you to practice in a way which is safer for you and your patients.

  • 60 minutes
Severe burn preparedness
  • Released: 04-04-2024
  • Cat Mackay and Nick Roder

The recording features two presentations: one highlighting the importance of preparedness in paramedicine through burns case studies, and another discussing the widening scope of practice for the ICP with a focus on evaluating best practices.

  • 120 minutes
Mastering the Art of Successful Grant Writing
  • Released: 21-03-2024
  • Associate Professor Anders Bremer, Dr Wayne Loudon & Associate Professor Bridget Dicker

First Talking Research webinar of 2024, delves into the art of securing grant funding to support your paramedicine research endeavours.

  • 88 minutes
Working professionally with others
  • Released: 14-03-2024
  • Dan O'Brien

This recorded webinar provides insights into the significance of teamwork in healthcare, emphasising professional roles and responsibilities while guiding viewers in implementing effective consultation methods for seamless continuity of care

  • 37 minutes

In this presentation, Joe Cuthbertson reviews the impact of drug addiction, domestic violence and suicide in Australia through the lens of disaster risk reduction.

  • 29 minutes

Although confronted with acute and chronic disease every day, paramedics can paradoxically neglect their own health while working to improve it for their patients. So how can we improve our own health and be always ready to respond?

  • 87 minutes
Palliative Paramedicine
  • Released: 15-02-2024
  • Madeleine Juhrmann, Angela Vaughan, Fraser Watson, Associate Professor Mark Boughey & Caroline Phillips

Gain insights into best practices and leave inspired to make a personal impact in this evolving field.

  • 100 minutes

Communication isn't just talking. Our daily lives are made up of interactions and exchanges. Effective clinical communication, collaboration and teamwork are widely recognised as key factors in providing safe, coordinated and comprehensive care.

  • 70 minutes
UniSc and QAS Research Day 2023
  • Released: 31-01-2024
  • Gary Berkowitz, Emma Bosley, Robbie King, Brendan Shultz, Adam Rolley, Jess Bell, Alannah Morrison, Wayne Loudon, Verena Pritchard, Tan Doan, Kerrianne Watt, Dr Nigel Bar, Matt Hill & Dr Nat Dodd

QAS is partnered with UniSC and the College to empower paramedics to design, develop and disseminate research

  • 265 minutes

This session delves into evidence-based paediatric burn care in the pre-hospital setting, emphasising the crucial role of early interventions in saving skin cells. After this presentation, Sam will critically review this literature.

  • 26 minutes