ACPIC 2020: Cases around the world - Stroke


In October 2020, ACP was pleased to deliver our first fully online and interactive paramedic conference. The conference attracted over 1100 attendees, 60 speakers and 36 sessions.

Presented by: Skye Coote, Wayne Loudon & Dr. Bronwyn Tunnage

This session will include a panel of two services and one research expert. The panel will be given a fictional case study prior to the conference and the two services will provide an outline of how they would manage the case based on protocols in the location they are working. The discussion will then add a research expert’s perspective on managing this type of incident and what the most current research is telling us about managing the patient in the pre-hospital environment.


Skye Coote - Skye is a Nurse Practitioner and the Nursing Coordinator of the Melbourne Mobile Stroke Unit at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Victoria. She has an extensive background in critical care nursing and holds a Master’s degree in nursing. She has won international nursing awards for clinical excellence and leadership in stroke, and is the only Board Certified Advanced Neurovascular Practitioner in Australia. Skye is the co-chair of the Acute Stroke Nurses Education Network (ASNEN), an organisation dedicated to improving the delivery of evidence-based stroke care, education and networking opportunities for Australian stroke nurses.

Wayne Loudon - Wayne is a Critical Care Paramedic, PhD candidate and visiting fellow at the Queensland University of Technology. Wayne has been heavily involved in the development of prehospital guidelines for stroke care in the ECR era. His current research interests include the use of mobile technologies for prehospital neurocritical care and stroke systems of care.

Dr. Bronwyn Tunnage - Before starting her academic career, Bronwyn worked clinically as an advanced care paramedic in New Zealand and a registered nurse in the United Kingdom. My PhD study explored the paramedic care of acute stroke patients and was supported by a New Zealand Health Research Council Fellowship. Currently, her research interests cover a broad range of topics related to paramedic practice but she continues to have a special interest in stroke care.

Presented by Skye Coote, Wayne Loudon & Dr. Bronwyn Tunnage



50 minutes
9th Feb 2021
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