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CPD by the Sea 2018: National Registration
  • Released: 22-06-2018
  • Buck Reed

CPD by the Sea 2018 - discussion about the National Registration and what it means for students and graduates

  • 50 minutes

CPD by the sea 2018 presents an interesting topic on how to grow and expand your potential by becoming a volunteer with your local ambulance service.

  • 25 minutes
Mind the gap
  • Released: 26-10-2020
  • Brian Parsell

Pre-hospital mass casualty response – are you prepared? Brian Parsell, Chief Inspector – Duty Operations Manager with New South Wales Ambulance Service to discuss pre-hospital mass casualty response. Brian has a wealth of experience and has worked with NSW Ambulance for the past 30 years as an Intensive Care Paramedic and Operational Commander.

  • 68 minutes
ACPIC 2020: From mud to Mars: paramedics in space
  • Released: 02-02-2021
  • Steve Whitfield

ACPIC 2020: This presentation briefly discusses the challenges of the application process from a paramedic perspective, the benefits of dual skills, and the challenges of working as a paramedic crew medical officer in an extreme environment such as future Mars missions.

  • 20 minutes
PCR writing - the good, the bad and the ugly!
  • Released: 04-08-2021
  • Chris Wardell, Carly Bearder, Brent Milczuk, Toby St Clair, Kristy Austin & Evan Murray

This presentation will delve into how decisions are best documented in the PCR

  • 90 minutes
Pre-hospital Analgesia – tips, tricks and intranasal ketamine
  • Released: 20-08-2021
  • Robert Lasslett, Robert Simpson & Lily Lucent

In this webinar, we are joined by Robert Lasslett who interviews Robert Simpson and Lily Lucent regarding all things analgesia

  • 120 minutes

The journey of the Paramedic Association of Canada to develop a community paramedicine standard in Canada.

  • 18 minutes
Paramedic pharmacology: What we need to be doing better
  • Released: 01-10-2021
  • Michaela Free, Adj Assoc Prof Alan Eade ASM, Cristina Roman & Dr Alexander Olaussen

This panel discussion will explore aspects of pharmacology, both theoretical and practical, that paramedics need to be doing better.

  • 95 minutes
Critical thinking and clinical error
  • Released: 03-03-2022
  • Shaun Whitmore

This session discusses the recognition of these circumstances and how best to minimise their impact via self-reflection and self-awareness.

  • 72 minutes
Family violence – recognise, respond, refer
  • Released: 01-04-2022
  • Celine Donovan

This informative session will support paramedics to develop a family violence lens to recognise family violence, and to respond safely and effectively to improve outcomes for those at risk.

  • 60 minutes