PCR writing - the good, the bad and the ugly!


Continuing on from the 'To refer or transport' presentation's theme of being safe with our decisions, this presentation will delve into how these decisions are best documented in the PCR. We will explore the challenges of using the VACIS platform as a front-end data input tool versus data collection from the back end. How documentation can lead to clinical review despite good decisions, what a well written PCR looks like from a readability and documentation standpoint.

We will explore the concept of standardisation and governance surrounding documentation and will close with some deidentified examples of good, bad and the ugly case sheets.

This webinar is targeted for all skill sets from Graduate Paramedic through to MICA Paramedics.

Hosted by: Chris Wardell

Panel: Carly Bearder, Brent Milczuk, Toby St Clair, Kristy Austin & Evan Murray


Chris Wardell Chris has worked for Ambulance Victoria for 6 years, after working 10 years with Queensland Ambulance service. He served as a member in tactical teams and Medic - Navy and AFP, before joining QAS in ALS and ICP. Chris has many years of educational experience through being a specialist educator, state-wide assessor, and A/Clinical Support Officer. He is a current member of AV’s CE facilitation team, has contracts with both Monash and VU, and is completing a Masters in Clinical Simulation.

Carly Bearder Carly is currently a MICA Intern with Ambulance Victoria, in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. She began her paramedic career in 2011 and has a range of experience in both metropolitan and rural regions, from clinical instructor to single responder and now again as a student herself. Carly is also an educator of first responders at Monash University and a nurse in the primary health care setting.

Brent Milczuk Brent is a MICA Paramedic Student, who has 10 years of experience in emergency health working as an ALS Paramedic and Registered Nurse in metropolitan Melbourne. As both a Clinical Instructor and Paramedic Educator he has a special interest in education, most recently regarding case reviews and documentation.

Toby St Clair Toby is an Intensive Care Flight Paramedics Educator working for Air Ambulance Victoria, a division of Ambulance Victoria. With 17 years' experience as a paramedic, Toby has been an influential voice in the Best Care movement and is a driver for change for excellence. Toby has a specific interest in trauma care, airway management and critical care paramedicine. He is a passionate educator with his fingerprint easily recognised in many of our education programs especially within the MICA space.

Kristy Austin Kristy is a National Standards Accreditation Lead. Kristy’s team is responsible for preparing and ensuring AV's accreditation is aligned with the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHS).

Evan Murray Evan is an ALS Paramedic Educator from the Eltham branch.

Presented by Chris Wardell, Carly Bearder, Brent Milczuk, Toby St Clair, Kristy Austin & Evan Murray



90 minutes
4th Aug 2021
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