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Presented by Shaun White Presentation Synopsis: Survival rates for Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest...

  • 35 minutes

Presented by Tim Andrews Review of the immediate clinical assessment and...

  • 27 minutes

This presentation will focus on two different ECG variants in the patient presenting with ischaemic symptoms, LBBB and Early Repolarisation.

  • 31 minutes
Early warning scores – Do they count???
  • Released: 11-10-2019
  • Paul Gowens

Emergency medical (Ambulance) services (EMS) respond to calls and arrive at scene before the critically ill patients deteriorate to the point of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA). Early identification...

  • 23 minutes
Cardiac Case Study
  • Released: 13-11-2019

The GenesisCare Internventional Cardiology team to hear a real-life cardiac case study review style discussion.

  • 140 minutes
Acute Coronary Syndrome
  • Released: 30-07-2019
  • Dr Peter Sage

In this presentation, we discuss ECG's in Acute Coronary Syndrome. This will go through subtle STEMI's, STEMI equivalent and red herrings.

  • 62 minutes
Benefits of end-tidal C02 monitoring
  • Released: 19-03-2016
  • Keiran Bellis MCPara

National Conference 2016: Benefits of end-tidal carbon dioxide (CO2) monitoring in non-cardiac arrest patients from a pre-hospital perspective.

  • 23 minutes

National Conference 2019. A Retrospective Validation

  • 10 minutes
Traumatic Cardiac Arrest (London)
  • Released: 19-12-2017
  • Jonathan Harvey MCPara

London/SE Coast Christmas CPD Day 2017. Looking at the background and Statistics of Traumatic Cardiac Arrest, the guidelines and why we should treat this group of patients differently.

  • 30 minutes
Paediatric Cardiac Arrest: Time to stay on scene?
  • Released: 19-09-2017
  • Will Broughton MCPara

Emergency Services Show 2017. Discussion on knowing when to leave a child at home and when to take them to hospital.

  • 28 minutes