• 21st Apr 2020

College Announcement: Free 12 month Student and Graduate Memberships

The careers and professional opportunities for student and graduate paramedics are a priority for the Australasian College of Paramedicine.

We understand the severe disruption to paramedicine student’s studies and that there is considerable concern about loss of placements and practical sessions, quality of online delivery and effective online learning, and completion timelines of degrees. We also understand that many students and graduates have lost their part time and casual jobs, which creates extra stress and concern.

As a leader of the profession, it is important for the College to support our paramedicine students and graduates during this difficult period. We have been speaking to university program leaders and the Council of Paramedicine Deans, and we understand they are working towards all degrees completing on or close to time, and they have the flexibility in delivery to achieve that outcome. The Paramedicine Accreditation Committee is supportive of universities finding flexible ways to deliver to meet course outcomes – see detail here - this will certainly help your courses being delivered to time.

The College is providing a number of resources via our website around wellbeing, COVID-19 information and hygiene advice, and a job board with paramedic and graduate roles. We are working to deliver regular live online events specifically for students and graduates, covering a host of topics such as wellbeing, successful online learning, employability strategies and panel discussions to address student concerns. This is in addition to our suite of online learning and webinar opportunities that student and graduate members have access to.

In terms of membership fee support, any student or graduate member who is unable to pay their membership renewal over the coming months will be able to renew for 12 months for free. We want to support all our members during these challenging times, and we don’t want to see student members drop off the support we have to offer.

Due to the unprecedented situation, the College will also be introducing free 12 month memberships for any paramedicine student or recent graduate joining the College over the coming months. This will allow more students and graduates to access the support we are offering.

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Student Membership Support FAQs

Our priority is to be here to support students and graduates during this time, so join the College and belong to an organisation that has your needs at the forefront.

Yours sincerely,

John Bruning

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