• 21st Apr 2020

Student Membership Offer FAQs

As a leader of the profession, it is important that the College supports paramedicine student and graduate during this difficult period. The College is introducing a free 12 month membership for any paramedicine student or recent graduate joining the College in the coming months. This will allow many students and graduates to join the College and access the support we are offering. This will also apply to any student and graduate members renewing their membership during this time.

Student Membership Offer - FAQ

Q: What does my College Membership include?
A: The benefits of College membership are wide and varied, and cover:

  • Free access to hundreds of online learning courses
  • Free access to regular professional development events and live webinars
  • Student and graduate specific online webinars and panel discussions
  • Use of our CPD tracker helping you manage your learning
  • Reduced price access to College conferences and major events
  • Access to our quarterly Response magazine and monthly Rapid Response newsletter, providing members with all the relevant news and information pertinent to them
  • Access to research and education grants to help with individual and profession development, and
  • Advocacy and leadership for the profession, helping shape the profession for the benefit of paramedics.

Q: What is the Student Membership offer?
A: We are offer a free 12 month membership to the College for students and recent graduates as long as they join by the end of September 2020 (note: this may be extending depending on the ongoing impacts of COVID-19).

Q: Why are you making this offer?
A: We understand there has been severe disruption to student studies and there is considerable concern about placements, practical sessions, quality of online delivery, learning online and completion timelines of your degree. We also understand that many students and graduates have lost their part time and casual jobs, which creates extra stress and concern. As the professional association for paramedics we want to support students and graduates through this challenging time.

Q: Who can access the membership offer?
A: Any paramedicine students or recent graduates (not yet in employment) can take up this offer.
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Q: What happens at the end of the 12 month membership?
A: With any luck we are past the main impacts of COVID-19 in 2021 and our lives (study and work) have returned to something close to normal, therefore students who have taken up this offer will be able to renew their membership at the usual rate (from $25 to $55 depending on the length of membership).

Q: What are the normal membership plans the College has for students and graduates?
A: Our student membership plans usually run for 4, 3 and 2 years and cover the entirety of a student’s degree plus one extra year as a graduate. We also have a one year graduate membership options. These membership plans are still in place at the usual membership fee – we would welcome any student in the position to pay their membership in full to do so to provide the ongoing financial support to help us continue to deliver the services we offer.

Q: I’m already a student member, what support can I get?
A: Any student membership that is due for renewal up until the end of September, will be able to renew their membership for 12 months without charge.

Q: If I have already paid my Student Membership fees can I get a refund to take up the free 12 months membership?
A: Unfortunately, the College is not immune to the wider financial impacts of COVID-19; at this time we are unable to provide refunds for membership fees already paid but we encourage student members to discuss their challenges with us.

Q: When does the membership offer start?
A: The membership offer starts from Friday 17th April and will run at least until the end of September 2020.

Q: Can I share this information with fellow students so that they may apply?
A: We are happy for students and graduates to share this information with their fellow students and friends, as we want to support as many students and graduates as we can during this difficult time.

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