• 9th Feb 2021

Research participation: The Development and Testing of Australian Prehospital Care Quality Indicators

The Development and Testing of Australian Prehospital Care Quality Indicators

Paramedics and directors/managers/supervisors in ambulance service quality improvement are invited to participate in an online survey that explores how acceptable a proposed suite of prehospital care quality indicators is.

This study forms part of a larger research project, the overall aim of which is to develop and test prehospital care quality indicators for the Australian setting. A quality indicator is a statement which can be used to measure, evaluate, and compare the quality of health care. Acceptability refers to the degree to which something is tolerated, allowed, or okay to use. In this study, the researchers are investigating how acceptable specific quality indicators are as a tool to evaluate the quality of prehospital health care in Australia.

You are invited to take part if you meet the following criteria:

  1. You are a paramedic (at any clinical level from trainee to ICP/CCP/MICA), or
  2. You are a director, manager or supervisor involved in quality improvement, and
  3. You are working for an Australian ambulance service

This project is being conducted by PhD candidate Robin Pap, and is being supervised by Associate Professor Craig Lockwood, Dr Matthew Stephenson, and Dr Paul Simpson.

Click here to access the full Participant Information Sheet

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