• 14th Oct 2020

Research participation: Investigating the Paramedic Mindset

Investigating the Paramedic Mindset: Adaptive and Dysfunctional Emotional Detachment in Australasian Paramedics

This project is being undertaken by Suzanne Hocking in fulfillment of a Master of Professional Practice in Health and Social Work and has been approved by the Ethics and Research Committee.

What is the purpose of the project? The purpose of this project is to determine the levels of adaptive (helpful) and dysfunctional (unhelpful/harmful) emotional detachment in paramedics working in Australia and New Zealand, and to see if there is a relationship with perceived sense of community within their work group or environment.

What type of participant is required? I am looking for currently employed paramedics in Australia and New Zealand. For the purpose of this study, paramedics will be defined as full- or part-time personnel working in Australia or New Zealand in the pre-hospital environment in an emergency operational capacity irrespective of authorised scope of practice. The perspectives of all practitioners are welcome in this study regardless of rank, as it is the experience of emotional management and not the medical capability of the practitioner that is being explored here.

What will participants be asked to do? Participants will be asked to provide basic demographic details and to complete a short (10-minute) online questionnaire.

For more information, please see the participant information summary at the survey link below.

Click here to go to the survey.

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