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Aug, 2023

Position statement: Recognising conjoint appointments for paramedics to work across clinical and academic settings

The Australasian College of Paramedicine has published a new position statement that outlines its perspective on the importance on...


Sep, 2022

Paramedics have a vital role to play in the planned expansion of urgent care services in NSW and VIC

The College welcomes the New South Wales and Victorian governments’ joint announcement this week to establish a further 50 urgent...


May, 2022

Media statement: 2022 federal election an opportunity to reshape the health landscape

MEDIA STATEMENT Tuesday, 24 May 2022 The Australasian College of Paramedicine congratulates the successful candidates in the 2022...


May, 2022


Apr, 2022

Media statement: ALP Urgent Care Centres funding pledge a great opportunity for paramedics and a step in the right direction for improving health outcomes for the people of Australia

MEDIA STATEMENT Wednesday, April 13, 2022 The Australasian College of Paramedicine welcomes the Australian Labor Party’s announce...


Mar, 2022

Media statement: Federal budget a missed opportunity for paramedics to support improved health outcomes for all Australians

MEDIA STATEMENT Wednesday March 30 2022 “Paramedics are part of the solution, and it is imperative that they are recognised as su...


Feb, 2022

SA Labor Party’s paramedic services funding pledge a welcome step forward in expanding paramedic support to regional communities

MEDIA STATEMENT Thursday 24 February 2022 SA Labor Party’s paramedic services funding pledge a welcome step forward in expanding...


Feb, 2022

The College calls on government to provide more support for paramedics to improve resourcing and address systemic challenges

MEDIA STATEMENT Thursday 17 February 2022 The Australasian College of Paramedicine is supporting paramedics in their calls for im...


Feb, 2022

The College makes system-wide recommendations to address SA ramping and access block issues

The College commends South Australia’s parliamentary review of House of Assembly Petition No 84 of 2021 - SA Ambulance Service Res...


Nov, 2021

Chief Paramedic Officers a necessity in holistically meeting community healthcare needs

The COVID-19 pandemic has strained Australia’s medical services and exposed systemic shortcomings in the health system. It has als...