• 7th Feb 2024

Rapid Response Update - February 2024

Rapid Response is the College’s monthly eNewsletter providing current and important information from the College.

Committed committees - the beating heart of our college.

After a short but rejuvenating Christmas break, the College's Member Engagement Team and the dedicated volunteers of our member committees have met with renewed enthusiasm to chart an ambitious course for 2024.

United in their commitment to providing a local voice for our members, these committees are seizing the opportunity to collaborate and innovate. Their collective focus centres on the development of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programs, workshops and cutting-edge initiatives aimed at elevating the skills and knowledge of our paramedic community. Member committees are a dynamic platform for the exchange of idea, fostering a spirit of camaraderie as we collectively strive to enhance the professional landscape for all our members. Your committee members are working hard to shape the future of our College, ensuring members are equipped with the tools and insights needed for continued success in their careers.

In recent weeks, our International Conference (ACPIC24) committee and Primary Care Conference (PCC24) committee have commenced the planning process for our upcoming larger conferences this year. With a shared commitment to excellence, the committees engaged in dynamic discussions to outline themes and craft presentations that will resonate on an international scale. The meetings have been filled with great ideas and have ignited the anticipation for conferences that will not only showcase the latest advancements, but also foster meaningful dialogue in the realm of primary care. As the planning unfolds, the emphasis remains on curating an experience that epitomises and reflects how our profession is developing and the many roles there are in the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare.


Key updates from our Advocacy Team.

  • Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care (DoHAC) major review, Unleashing the Potential of our Health Workforce: Scope of Practice Issues Paper 1 was released in January highlighting the paramedic profession for its unique capabilities. We have also garnered media coverage in relation to this review and the Issues Paper. Visit the College in the Media page for more information.

  • Australian Government Department of Treasury: The College submitted its pre-budget submission in January calling for greater support of the paramedic profession. This document will be released at an appropriate time.

  • ANZSCO reclassification consultation: Members may have seen the Preliminary Proposed Changes document released late December 2023. The College, together with leading paramedicine stakeholders, the Ahpra Paramedicine Board of Australia, Te Kaunihera Manapou | Paramedic Council of New Zealand, the Council of Ambulance Authorities, the Australasian Council of Paramedicine Deans and key individuals, are in serious talks with the Australian Bureau of Statistics throughout the consultation process to ensure the profession is accurately represented. We will continue to bring our members updates on this important issue.

  • Australian Government Workforce Incentive Program – Practice stream: Paramedics have been recognised alongside other health professions in the latest amendment, which encourages multidisciplinary team-based care. This is a major step forward for the paramedic profession.

  • Tasmanian Parliamentary Inquiry into Patient Transfer Delays (ambulance ramping): In response to the College submission, we were invited to provide a witness statement at the hearing, in which the College was represented by CEO John Bruning and Simone Haigh ASM, a College Board Director and paramedic.

  • NSW Special Commission into health funding: In response to the College submission, we have been invited to provide a witness statement at the hearing in February. John Bruning will present at this hearing along with David McLeod, Group Head of Clinical Services, Crown Resorts (College member).

Have your say:

We are currently collecting responses from our members in relation to the following consultations:

  • Ahpra consultation: Regulation of health practitioners who perform and who advertise non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Take the survey here.

  • DoHAC public consultation on three new staffing quality indicators. Take survey here.

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