• 8th Apr 2021

Expressions of Interest - Paramedic Wellbeing SIG

The College's Mental Health and Wellbeing Special Interest Group is undergoing a change of scope to become the Paramedic Wellbeing Special Interest Group (SIG).

The Paramedic Wellbeing SIG will cover all aspects of paramedics' wellbeing, including the physical, mental, emotional and social factors that paramedic wellbeing involves.

As part of this broadening of focus, the College is seeking expressions of interest from those who would like to join the Paramedic Wellbeing SIG with experience or expertise in the physical aspects of paramedic health and wellbeing. This will complement the existing knowledge and experience regarding mental health and wellbeing on the SIG.

If you would like to contribute to the Paramedic Wellbeing SIG in the area of physical health and wellbeing, please submit your expression of interest via the link below.

Click here to submit your EOI.

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