• 1st Feb 2023

Catch up with all the news in our summer edition of Response magazine


In the summer edition of Response, we’re continuing to expand our magazine content, providing members with College information, features, professional and clinical practice, research, and dedicated student content.

This edition features:

• Hato Hone St John Extended Care Paramedics bring their skills to palliative care

• Community paramedicine comes to Tasmania

• Paramedics to breathe life into ailing health clinic in Aotearoa New Zealand

• Rural paramedic students bring understanding, connection, and a much-needed health workforce to small communities

• Burnout and psychological health and safety

• Could community paramedics break the overdose cycle?

• Death anxiety: The condition at the centre of mental health

• Time to reassess paramedicine student assessment

• Understanding the basics of peer review in scientific journals

• Traffic law for paramedics

And much more!

Click here to read Response (member only content).

We’re always looking for solid content and sector-relevant articles, research, interesting case studies, and stories from students, so please get in touch if you’d like to help us drive the magazine forward and continue its evolution as an informative and important College publication! If you’d like to join our pool of contributors, please email Rob Garner at rob.garner@paramedics.org.

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