• 25th Mar 2024

Research Agenda for Australasian Paramedicine - Online publications

Research agendas are important for all healthcare disciplines as they offer direction and priorities, can draw researchers together promoting collaboration, and facilitate impact of the research outputs.

The aim of the Research Agenda for Australasian Paramedicine (RAAP) project was to create and prioritise consensus-based items forming an Australasian paramedicine agenda.

Using systematic methods, thirty-seven items were identified and prioritised constituting the research agenda. Some of the highest priorities are ‘Paramedics role in broader healthcare system’, ‘New and emerging roles in for paramedics’, ‘Patient safety’, ‘System improvement’, and ‘Clinical reasoning processes and models’.

The agenda serves as a guide for industry and key stakeholders in their research activities, ultimately contributing to meaningful and tangible impact within the paramedicine profession.

Read the Research Agenda for Australasian Paramedicine.

The two publications of the project can be found in Paramedicine, the international peer-reviewed journal of the Australasian College of Paramedicine:

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