• 3rd Feb 2023

Paramedics still the forgotten piece of the puzzle in Medicare reform



Friday 3 February 2023

Following the release of today’s Strengthening Medicare Taskforce Report, the Australasian College of Paramedicine (the College) is again calling on the federal government to include paramedics in their future planning for multidisciplinary, team-based primary healthcare.

Despite the government’s recognition in the report of the necessity for new models of primary care moving forward and the need for the integration of other health professionals, paramedics were again overlooked as a vital component of such practice models.

As Medicare reform efforts move ahead in the coming months, the College urges both national and state governments to ensure that paramedics are part of these teams, and that the innovative models of care such as community paramedicine and integrated primary care that are currently operating nationwide are recognised as viable examples of how paramedicine can help improve, support and reshape the health landscape and deliver improved person-centred are for all Australians.

“Paramedics work across both primary and tertiary care, they are on the front line every day, after hours, on weekends and on public holidays and are the only profession that provides an emergency and community care safety net in cities, regional areas and remote Australia,” said College Chair Ryan Lovett. “Through COVID, paramedics proved their innate ability to provide holistic, integrated care, both independently and as part of multidisciplinary teams.”

The College is also calling on the government to ensure the paramedic profession has a voice in future health reform through representation on the taskforce.

“Paramedics are a profession with genuine desire and insight to promote inclusive, person-centred, community-based care tailored to support all Australians.”

Media Contact:

Jemma Altmeier, Advocacy and Government Relations Manager, Australasian College of Paramedicine, on 0409 911 681 or email jemma.altmeier@paramedics.org

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