• 8th Jul 2020

Fellowship Applications Open

College Fellowship

Fellowship with the College is a member recognition level above that of Member and is an acknowledgement of the significant contribution a member has made to the College and/or the profession. Fellowship is bestowed by the Board on suitable members and it is a substantial honour to be elevated to Fellow within the College.

The process to become a Fellow is via a yearly application process, where a member submits their contribution to the College / profession for review by the College’s Awards and Recognition Committee, who then make a recommendation to the Board.

See the list of current fellows here

Fellowship criteria

  1. a minimum five years continuous professional membership of the College (including previous iterations)
  2. a minimum eight years’ experience in the profession post qualification
  3. postgraduate qualification in paramedicine / emergency medicine or have a significant portfolio of involvement in professional development activities
  4. demonstrated professional excellence and upholds the College code of conduct
  5. supported by two members who can speak to the achievements of the member
  6. has made an outstanding and exemplary contribution to the College (or previous iterations) and / or
  7. has made an outstanding and exemplary contribution to the paramedicine profession

While members will be judged against all criteria and, ideally will strongly meet all criteria, members who do not meet criteria 1 and 2 should not apply, as your application will not be assessed if these minimum requirements are not met.

Applications will be scored against a marking rubric by a panel of the Awards and Recognition Committee.

Timelines for 2020
• Applications open – 8th July
• Applications close – 10th August
• Review by Awards and Recognition Committee – August / September
• Recommendation to the Board – late September
• Awarding of Fellowship – late October with either AGM or College conference

To apply members must complete the Application proforma (download here) and submit this with their CV, required supporting documentation and a cover letter by COB Monday 10th August 2020.

Applications are to be submitted to ceo@paramedics.org

Please contact the College CEO, John Bruning, on ceo@paramedics.org

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