• 5th Jul 2023

Expressions of Interest: Member Committees, Advisory Committees and Working Groups

The Board is calling for Expressions of Interests (EOI) from members for the following Member Committees, Advisory Committees and Working Groups.

These committees / groups form a vital part of the College's member engagement and representative structure, allowing knowledgeable and highly engaged members to support the College to achieve its strategic objectives.

Links to the EOI forms are below in the committee / group detail.

EOIs close on Friday, 28 July.

Member Committees

Vacant positions: Chair (WA), members (all)

Scope: Jurisdictional – NSW/ACT, NZ, NT, QLD, TAS, VIC, WA

Key objectives:

  1. To provide a representative voice for each jurisdiction to inform and advise the College on member and jurisdictional needs, and
  2. To facilitate member service delivery, including professional development seminars and targeted member activities.

To apply click here

Advisory Committees

Vacant positions: members

Scope: Research, Student


• Responsible for all areas relating to the facilitation and development of high quality, original research across topics of importance for paramedicine, with an emphasis on supporting the profession’s development in areas where research is lacking.


• Responsible for all areas relating to the engagement, development, and transition of undergraduate student paramedics. • NOTE: Must be a current undergraduate student.

Key Objectives

  1. To provide strategic and operational advice and leadership in relation to the committee’s area of expertise to the College, and
  2. To facilitate opportunities / development / position statements in relation to the committee’s area of expertise.

Note: Advisory Committees are organisation-wide covering all jurisdictions.

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Working Groups

Vacant positions: members

Scope: Clinical Practice Guidelines; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Paramedic Wellbeing; Violence, Abuse and Neglect

Clinical Practice Guidelines:

• Responsible for cultivating and promoting excellence in the development of clinical practice guidelines in the field of paramedicine.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion:

• Responsible for supporting the College's strategic objective to advocate for and strengthen opportunities to progress diversity, equity and inclusion within paramedicine.

Paramedic Wellbeing:

• Responsible for addressing paramedic wellbeing matters of concern, monitoring the development and signposting of appropriate evidence-informed wellbeing and mental health resources to support College members.

Violence, Abuse, and Neglect:

• Responsible for advising the College on all matters relating to the intersection between harm from violence, abuse and neglect and the Paramedic profession.  

Key Objectives:

  1. To provide advice and direction to the College on all matters relating to the WG's area of expertise.
  2. To progress projects and activities as outlined by the Group’s annual work plan.

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