• 27th May 2024

New South African partnership expands the global reach of Paramedicine journal 

The Australasian College of Paramedicine (the College) welcomes new Paramedicine journal associate partner the Emergency Care Society of South Africa (ECSSA). 

The ECCSA joins the current partnership cohort of two full journal partners, the College and the Paramedic Chiefs of Canada, and three associate partners, the Paramedic Association of Canada, the McNally Research Group, and the Australasian Council of Paramedicine Deans. 

The ECSSA is a professional society representing emergency care workers in South Africa, pursuing the wellbeing of patients, and supporting and developing the emergency care profession in this environment. 

College CEO John Bruning said the new partnership represented a shared vision to further the research outcomes and evidence base of paramedicine internationally. 

“This is another important step forward for paramedicine research globally and will continue to position the journal as the leading publication in the profession’s research space. We see this relationship as an important part of achieving that outcome.” 

“As a paramedic-led publication that spans all dimensions of our professional practice and is comprised of some of the world’s leading paramedicine academics and researchers, we are taking ownership of our research space, empowering our profession, and ensuring greater research exposure and visibility. We look forward to continuing this journey with the Emergency Care Society of South Africa.”  

ECSSA President Caleb Cage said the partnership with Paramedicine was foundational in progressing high-quality evidence for emergency care in South Africa and the profession internationally.

“The primary aim of the ECSSA is to advance the emergency care profession in South Africa, with the ultimate goal of improved patient care. Of fundamental importance to this end is high-quality evidence-based research to guide practice. We are excited to partner with Paramedicine to further the production and dissemination of such research. We believe this is a foundational step forward for the emergency care profession, not only in South Africa, but internationally.”

Paramedicine is advancing and transforming the discipline of paramedicine through high-quality, evidence-based research, and inspiring robust discussion, encouraging innovative thinking, and informing the profession’s leadership. It is creating a connected discourse that spans paradigms, methodologies and methods for the advancement of the profession, the public it serves, the systems it connects to, and the people tasked with enacting that service. 

The bi-monthly, open-access, peer-reviewed Paramedicine journal publishes research from any country engaged in any area of paramedicine, including but not limited to clinical care, models of practice, operations, patient safety and clinical quality, leadership, education, aeromedical and retrieval practice, tactical paramedicine, and community paramedicine. It is published online in partnership with the renowned Sage Publishing. 

Editor-in-Chief Associate Professor Paul Simpson is flanked by an international team of Deputy Editors comprised of Associate Professor Walter Tavares (Canada), Dr Alan Batt (Canada) and Dr Kathryn Eastwood (Australia). Supporting the editorial leadership team is a diverse Associate Editorial Panel consisting of 28 researchers, academics and paramedics from nine countries. 

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