• 30th Sep 2021

Call for ACPIC 2021 case study presentations

Have you attended an interesting or unique case? If you live in a location that allows you to travel to the Sunshine Coast, Adelaide, Hobart or Christchurch, the ACPIC 2021 organising committee is inviting members to present clinical case study presentations at the upcoming ACPIC 2021 conference in November.

Case study presentations allow you, as a clinician, to share interesting and unique patient-care experiences for the purpose of education and development of the paramedicine profession. In particular, they provide insight into the patient and communities’ experience with paramedicine, applied care principles and lessons learnt by you. Your case study presentation can highlight practitioner curiosity, dispel assumptions of routine practice and/or present unconventional clinical presentation/settings.

Presenters will receive free registration to attend the ACPIC 2021 conference.

If you're interested in presenting, please send an email to the College with the following details:

• Your full name and role

• The location where you are able to be present

• A brief overview of the case you would like to present (description of the case, including clinical, social, and environmental findings; care provided and outcomes; lessons learnt and links to evidence-based practice).

Please email your details to Georgia.coetzee@paramedics.org

The deadline for submissions is 29 October 2021.

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