• 10th Oct 2023

College Life Members and Fellows announced

The College recently welcomed two new Life Members, Dr Bill Lord and Alan Eade. Our warmest congratulations to both of these outstanding recipients.

Life Member recognition is one of the highest honours the College can bestow on a member and is acknowledgement and recognition of outstanding and distinctive contribution to the field of paramedicine.

To become a Life Member, a person must be nominated by a member to the Honours & Awards Committee, who review eligibility and then make a recommendation to the College Board to endorse.

We would also like to congratulate the following members who have been elevated to Fellow of College.


Michael Smith

Jim Arneman

Paul McRae

Murray Traynor

Matthew Cannon

Cameron Edgar

Garry Huang

Robin Pap

Western Australia

Alecka Miles


David Burns


Jon Ferguson

Amy Gomes

Anthony Hucker

Martin Kelly

Andrew Bell

Alex MacQuarrie

South Australia

David Tingey

John Noble

Angela Martin

New Zealand

Kerryn Wratt

Dr Bill Lord (Qld) and Simone Haigh, Director and Chair of the Awards and Recognition Committee

Simone Haigh, Director and chair of the Awards and Recognition Committee and Alan Eade (VIC) and

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