• 14th Nov 2023

College Governance Training Program

Governance Training Program


Over the past few years, the Board has noticed that we are receiving fewer nominations from members to stand as Director of the College. This impacts the diversity of the board and limits timely board renewal. The Board has proposed a program to address what some interested members have fed back around the understanding, expectation and skills required to be a director.

Governance Training Program

The College is initiating a 11-month Governance Training Program for interested members to help bridge the gap to becoming a director and support the development of members. Expressions of interest for this program are now open.

The Program will see members appointed as an “Advisory Board” and attend quarterly meetings to discuss matters of strategic and operational interest to the College.

The Advisory Board would discuss similar items to the College Board and give those members a chance to experience and learn about being a Director and provide an opportunity for greater member feedback to the College Board on planned initiatives.

The Program timeline is as follows:

  • November / December 2023 – Nomination and selection process
  • January (late) 2024 – Program Induction – 2 hours online
  • February 2024 – In-person board training and strategy workshop - Thursday 15th February 2024
  • May 2024 – Online meeting – 3 hours (includes financial literacy session)
  • August 2024 – Online meeting – 3 hours (includes discussion of specific readings)
  • November 2024 – Online meeting – 3 hours (includes discussion of specific readings)
  • December 2024– Program concludes with members having identified further development needs

The in-person meeting on Thursday 15th February (with travel costs supported) will coincide with a governance training day and include strategic discussions with the College Board. Anyone submitting an EOI must be available to attend this meeting. The other three meetings will be online during work hours.

Other components of the Program include:

  • Curated list of reading (likely 6-10 items) from AICD / Governance Institute / IoD on duties, governance, finance, with requirement to submit a 0ne-page summary of thoughts and takeaways from each item
  • Financial literacy session with Corporate Services Manager covering Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Statement of Cashflow understanding as part of one meeting

Please note that only College members are eligible to participate in the program. EOIs are open until COB, Tuesday 28 November 2023.

Those members who have attended previous Director information evenings or expressed an interest are encouraged to apply.

Submit your Expression of Interest here.

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