• 4th Apr 2024

College Ambassador / Kaimāngai Program Participants

The College is proud to present our College Ambassadors for 2024.

James Pearce

James Pearce is Senior Lecturer in Paramedicine at Flinders University and is a Paramedic with the SA Ambulance Service. With 16 years of experience in the field, James objective is to improve paramedic student and qualified paramedic appreciation of, engagement with, and knowledge and skills in research. James' passion for paramedicine began in his high school years, inspired by a Year 10 science assignment that introduced him to the field. After graduating with a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Paramedic) degree at Flinders in 2007 and joining SA Ambulance Service as an intern, James pursued further studies, including a Master of Advanced Practice. When James is not providing clinical care, he dedicates his time to lecturing at Flinders. Balancing his teaching responsibilities with his clinical work, James finds joy in merging his experiences to create a contemporary learning environment for his students. By incorporating real-life scenarios based on his 15 years of clinical practice, he enriches their education with authentic and relatable examples.

Julie Hughes

Julie Hughes is currently employed by the Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) as a Critical Care Paramedic (HARU/Flight). With 22 years of experience in paramedicine, Julie's objective is to learn something from every patient and job that she attends. Commencing her career as a radiogapher, Julie realised early on that it was emergency care that interested her the most, and in 2002, she commenced her paramedic journey with QAS, her goals driving her to continue studies into becoming a Critical Care Paramedic, a Flight paramedic and ultimately a High Acuity Response Unit paramedic. Throughout her career, Julie has had numerous mentors and has met and worked with inspiring clinicians across multiple disciplines who have taught her that sharing knowledge and experience and being a part of other’s paramedic journeys is an important part of her role.

Tash Adams

A paramedic for 17 years, Tash Adams experience and interest lies in the high acuity response, trauma and haemostatic resusciation areas of paramedicine. Tash is a Senior Critical Care Paramedic with the Queensland Ambulance Service, currently working between the Logan POD and High Acuity Response Units on the Gold Coast and Brisbane. Tash has a Master of Health Care Leadership and a Master of Traumatology and is currently working towards a Doctor of Medicine at Griffith University on the Gold Coast. Tash is interested in all things clinical education, professional development, human factors and leadership development as well as a keen interest in progressive trauma care. 

Keep an eye out over coming months as we introduce new Ambassadors.

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