• 27th Oct 2022

Catch up with all the College's work in our 2021-2022 annual report


The College's 2021-2022 annual report is now out!

Catch up with all the work our hardworking team has been doing in past year, with highlights from our Advocacy, Membership, Events and Education teams, as well as from our many wonderful members on external committees and groups who are advancing paramedicine and health care in their respective spaces.

The annual report reflects the College's continued evolution in almost everything we do to ensure we are providing the highest quality CPD and educational offerings, world-class conferences, and professional representation at the highest levels of government as we guide and shape the future of paramedicine and work towards the implementation of innovative new models of practice within the broader health system, opening up opportunities for different career pathways and scopes of practice.

Read all about it at: https://paramedics.org/storage/news/2021-2022-ACP-annual-report.pdf

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