Paramedicine and Disabilities: Understanding ASD and Recognising Resource Needs


Are you well equipped to manage a patient with intellectual disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder?

When asked the above question many students and emergency workers answer with no. They feel they are provided with the basic concepts that surround these patients, but that isn't always enough and many feel underprepared.

As a Senior Disability Support Worker and Graduating Paramedic Student, Cathryn Stubbs has had first hand experience with the above scenario and is very passionate about changing this.

This presentation will discuss areas ranging from defining Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and conceptualising the spectrum through to concerns for paramedic practice and potential goals organisations should aim for in order to achieve more holistic care for individuals living with ASD.


Below is a list of resources that Cathryn references throughout her presentation that you may wish to review for additional information:

Presented by Cathryn Stubbs



50 minutes
8th Jun 2021
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